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A loosely affiliated group of Left wing keyboard activists whose principle aim is to try and convince you that the UK’s multicultural dream is still alive and well. Although purporting to be entirely neutral and politically non affiliated, the group have an active bias in favour of promoting the idea that criticism of Islam is actually a form of racism. This tactic clearly places the group somewhere between a Sharia witch-hunt and a clerical board of inquisition, lending a distinctly Islamic style to their blogging and posting. Islam is not a race but an ideology. Further, the group make active use of the Muslim Brotherhood derived neologism “Islamophobia” - attempting to hunt down ‘incriminating’ anti-Islamic statements made through social media via screen capping software. The ultimate aim of this activity is to secure prosecution and silence of those who make a causal link between the violent rhetoric of the Koran and the subsequent terrorist atrocities that said book inspires. This style has led many to question their notion of being both neutral and impartial.

Expose operate by employing a potent brew of apologist rhetoric and obscurantism which is designed to convince the observer that those who criticize and comment on the connection between the Islamic faith and terrorism are themselves as bad as those that carry out religious supremacist actions and terrorism in the name of Islam.
Expose’s principle source of enmity appears to be the English Defence League who they pursue relentlessly due to the EDL’s open and accurate identification of Islam as a supremacist cult that actively mandates warfare against non members of the Islamic grouping. Describing any challenge to their official position ( that there is no such a thing as Islamic supremacism) as “racist, Islamophobic, neo-nazism”, Expose do not identify that such tactics are self defeating largely due to the fact that the EDL is simply a response to a virulently right wing socio-religious phenomenon in the first place.. Indeed, it has been surmised, even if Expose successfully silenced the EDL, other non-Muslim reactionary groups would inevitably take their place due to Islam’s inherently supremacist behavior within Western society. Thus groups like the EDL will exist as long as Islam exists.

Realising all of the above, Expose understand that their position is not logically valid, so they simply resort to accusing anyone that reveals their illogic as “trolls” who are “trolling” for attention. Failure to follow their group consensus line will also lead to accusations that one is deficient in intelligence and a member of some sub-species of underclass.

However, the principle achievement of Expose seems to be their Stasi-like vault of screen-caps.

“ OMG! Did you see the files that Exposing Racism and Intolerance online keep!? Those guys are like the f**king KGB”
by Clive Hustings February 28, 2012
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Exposing racism and intolerance online is an online collective mainly based on Facebook and Twitter, which opposes the British Far Right. The group functions as a collated resource of evidence which has mainly been gathered from the online activities of supporters of the English Defence League and British National Party, although their close allies and associates are also scrutinised. From the group’s inception, people of every political persuasion have been welcome to contribute and discuss, as long as they have remained within a loose set of rules. The Group is unaffiliated to any Political Party or organisation, and is run on an entirely voluntary basis.

The group evolved from a number of other Facebook groups, and was initially started under the current name to target and expose a Facebook group that had been purportedly set up to oppose Islamic Extremists demonstrating in Wootton Bassett, but which was in reality run by a number of BNP activists and sympathisers, and was being used to actively promote their views.
Exposing racism and intolerance online has always maintained a simple Modus Operandi of posting Screen captures (usually on Facebook) which the group considered controversial, offensive or illegal, and discussing these. Initial interest in the BNP has lessened as that Party’s presence on the Political Arena has waned, and the group has moved to concentrating almost exclusively on the activities of the EDL. The collective has diverged into using social media such as Twitter, YouTube and a blog, and also reports live from relevant demonstrations, using Social networking media.

The group has been subjected to numerous attempts at sabotage, including such novel approaches as opponents spamming the Facebook group with explicit pornography, and instantly reporting the group to Facebook for breaking terms and conditions. In this manner the group has attracted a loyal following of both supporters and opponents, and has been closed a number of times. Contributors to the group are also frequently subjected to abuse and threats. For this reason, anonymity or the use of pseudonyms is not frowned upon within the group, and many contributors are in daily contact with law enforcement and media agencies.

"OMG! Have you seen the post made by a member of the EDL? It is loaded with all sorts of racist, homophobic and xenophobic rhetoric. Exposing Racism and Intolerance Online would love to see this".

Go Team Expose!
by Alexander (LCS) Jones February 17, 2011
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