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An explosive, unexpected, rude, liquid-based yet coagulated, fabric drenching, stitch splitting, mud knuckle sweat bucket of a typically scorching hot, magma-resemblant, oxygen depriving, physically, emotionally and psychologically devastating fart. So much so that to even use the word fart above is just a mistake, because its shartile percentage exceeds such a regulated standard. Has been known to strike in times of extreme heat, stress, post-cumin infused meals, after drinking cheap beer, irish car bombs, pretty much any burrito you dabble with, or anything you ever might find yourself purchasing from a street vendor in New York City...ever. At all. I hope for your sake you are not taking the NJ Transit on the day that your initial Explart strikes, because you'll probably never be the same. Good luck.

Side Note:

Though it is more graphic and pungent than the typical shart, they still derive from the same family of digestional disrupt.
" So I was on my way to Billy's house with Margaret and Katherine, and she was really nervous about seeing him. He answered the door with no shirt, and this bitch just explarted immediately. It was probably the most unbelievable thing I have ever seen.. I mean just poo, e v e r y w h e r e. It's been nearly 2 months and his front stoop still looks like the sprinkler caught it."
by A Qualified Professional September 05, 2011
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