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An experience junkie is a type of person who always finds themselves seeking new and thrilling experiences.

These experiences could be anything: traveling to new places, meeting new types of people, attending big music festivals, experimenting with drugs and sex, diving into new hobbies and interests, and just – in general – wanting to experience as many new things as possible, just for the sake of “experiencing” them.

The “experience junkie” craves novelty, excitement, and risk-taking. Each new “experience” becomes a notch in their belt to prove to themselves how much they’ve truly “lived” their lives. The bigger and more exciting the experience, the more they want to have it.

While there is nothing wrong with seeking new experiences, the “experience junkie” can become a type of hedonist and addict toward new experiences. They find themselves constantly craving the next new thrill or new sensation.
Bodhi from Point Break is an experience junkie, he just can't get enough thrill seeking.
by JoeDP June 01, 2018
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An experience junkie is a person that loves to be taken back to a moment in time, a certain special instance in their life by a photo... an image.

To just glance at a photo, and be able to just "be" there.... in that place, wherever... whenever the photo was taken.... have the feelings, the sounds, the smells- all come back to you.... as you revel in the wonder once again :)
I'm such an experience junkie, because I love to be taken back to that great moment from last summer's vacation, by that great photo I took.
by Inspired by TLC July 18, 2011
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