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Exhausted Kitten Complex occurs when a person is woken up from a deep sleep but their mind isn't fully awake. Symptoms include, but are not limited to; feeling weak as a three day old kitten, being too tired to put the fear of God into the person who woke them up, and mumbling incoherently. Warning: People who experience Exhausted Kitten Complex may be unable to open their eyes to their full capacity giving them that slant-eyedcat look, which may cause them to bump into walls and/or furniture. If a person appears to be doing a bad Asian impersonation please proceed with caution.
"My mom woke me up at five o'clock this morning for no apparent reason."
"Dang! I bet you got mad! Did you put the fear of God into her for waking you up?"
"No. I wanted to but my Exhausted Kitten Complex kicked in and all I could do was mumble incoherently. After watching me run into the furniture several times she apologized for waking me up and told me that perhaps I needed to go back to sleep."
by DrunkMonkey January 10, 2014
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