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Typically the shy and timid girl at work, or at the club. She will come across as the girl next door with very few life experiences. Some guys will decide to take her out, almost out of pure sympathy never expecting anything in return. When she is dropped off at home she will lure him into her effiecieny appartment, still playing the role of miss innocent...and then it happens she transform into the excorslut raping and violating the guy in ways he never thought possible.
Hey Scott did you take out Nikki Alcorn last night? Yeah man everything was fine untill we got back to her house. She invited me in, lock the door and went ape shit. Her head started spinning around and she was talking all deep and puking green frogs while she was on top of me. She seemed so shy, I was in shock. I needed some holy water or a cross to throw on her...she turned into a freakin excorslut on me.
by Dan Schneider December 14, 2007
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