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1. Working out while recieving a massage.

2. A, typically, two person interaction of
a. Client
b. Trainer
Where b. massages a. while a. lifts weights or participates in an activity of physical fitness.

3. Something similar to what is seen in the David Banner music video "Play".

4. The art of releasing tight muscles while building tight muscles.
1. " Babe, stop being jealous. That guy, Nichodemius, massaging my glutes while I performed lunges is my EXCERSSAGE instructor. It's all in the name of fitness."

2. "I want to feel loose while getting tight"

3. "I am stressed and fat and have a kink in my neck. Time to excerssage."

4. "I am having trouble with solo excerssage... want to be my instructor?"
by Meg'n Bex July 30, 2009
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