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a. Your face's automatic fall back for when something so stupid or annoying occurs, that you can't possibly roll your eyes fast enough to express your intense feelings of dislike

b. The closest thing a human being can get to a physical statement of Do not want!

c. The facial expression originating from the "Legend of Excalibur" filler episodes within the anime Soul Eater where the character Excalibur causes others such an annoyance that their faces prune into an Excalibur Face.
Excalibur: ...And that concludes the list of my 1,000 provisions

BlackStar and Kid: *Excalibur Face*

Brotato: God damnit! I know my joke sucked but you don't have to pull out an Excalibur Face on me!

Dude: Hey Guy, go to Google Images and search Rule 34, followed by the name of your favorite cartoon!

Guy: Wats Rule 34?...

Dude: Just hurry up and do it!

Guy: Kay..............*Excalibur Face*.......DOES NOT WANT!!
by cardboard box ninja September 22, 2010
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