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It's a kind of arrogance that comes with owning an Evo. It's the I don't give a fuck about anything car related because I own an Evo attitude. They call them Lancers to confuse people and add sarcastic information too it when referring too it as a Lancer. People with Evo Ego park their "Lancer" over as many spaces as possible or where ever they like. They are often found drinking Arizona Iced Tea while hard parking.
Hardparking Civic Driver - Dude that Evo is parked over three spots
Hardparking Civic Driver's mate - Yeah that's that Evo Ego!

Random - Dude nice Evo!
Evo Owner- Nah its just a Lancer with a body kit and squeaky breaks

Evo Owner - " I live my life 3 car parks at a time"
by TheBrentonJ March 11, 2014
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