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A version of Ghandi that is neither man nor animal, but a Manimal. He shares a link between both in that he has the appearance of a man and the sexual blood lust of a grizzly bear injected with the hormones of a man that never got laid in his 100 years of life and juices from all the most famous action stars testicles such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kimbo Slice, Triple H, The Rock, Chuck Norris, Sylvester Stallone, Steven Segal, and last but not least Bruce Lee. Evil Ghandi is called so because he fools you with the heartwarming appearance of the peaceful resistance loving man named Mahatma Ghandi, but in actuality he is a viscous freak who is obsessed with sneaking into young women and children's bedrooms to have his way with them. after which he kills them and eats their eyes for having looked upon his amazingly handsome body.
Jeff: i told the police that all i heard was screaming and bear noises when i entered the room all i saw was a bloody corpse that had the appearance of being brutally raped and their eyes eaten out.. all i could think was that it must have been Evil Ghandi.
by Jwalken August 01, 2007
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