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Evija is a person with a great sense of humour she can be ur best friend but if u mess with her she can be ur worst enemy. She is a crazy girl and normally is very sporty and amazing. She can be annoying af tho.
Girl: Omg i meesed up
Girl 2: What did u do
Girl: I messed with an Evija
Girl 2:Haha im her best friend u messed up bad.
by Nagdinf August 26, 2017
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Evija is a girl with a great sense of humor and fashion. She likes sports.

She can be your girlfriend but if you cheat u will be dead.
Also she has a really curvy sexy body

Evija is a crazy girl but u will have alot of fun!!!
Alottt of funn in the bed also!!!
A: Wow i had so much fun with Evija last time!
B:What did you do?
A: We had a fun time in bed
B: Was she thicc tho?
A: Fuck yeah!!!
by Iwanttogohome October 09, 2019
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