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Everlyna is a sweet, funny, kind, loyal friend. She often is the jokester of the group. She knows how to be serious when needed but she’s much better at fixing people’s problems with a laugh. If you mess with any friends or family of an Everlyna then don’t be too surprised when you wake up in the Hospital. She won’t kill you but she’ll make you wish she had. She’s very protective of those that she cares about and will stop at nothing to keep them safe. She’s often the type of girl that people shun due to her jokes. But the friends she has she cherishes with everything she is and everything she has. She will always be there for those in need. Whether she knows them or not.
Girl#1. Did you hear about the rally to raise money for the homeless?
Girl#2. No. What about it?
Girl#1. They say Everlyna, the new girl in school, organized it. Everlyna raised $2000 for the homeless!
by HogwartsGal May 10, 2018
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