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an extremely satisfying sexual action.

1) place your penis in a girls mouth
2) right before you climax shove it in as far as it goes.
3) as you are doing this, pinch her nose so that she has to draw breath in through her mouth and from around your penis.
4) listen to the sound as she chokes and gurgles.
5)thrust into the back of her throat until she throws uo all over your groin.
6) now listen as she struggles for breath with your penis still in her mouth, tasting her own puke.

congratulations you have completed a successful everlasting gobbstopper.
golly gee!! i did an everlasting gobbstopper on my girlfriend last night and her mom yelled at me cause she had to clean up!!!
by Broffir March 18, 2008
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An everlasting gobbstopper is that little bit of mucus or smegma a person gets stuck in there teeth after oral sex so they taste it for hours or days.
Dammit Janet , I 've had this Everlasting Gobbstopper for two days, you need to wash your pussy next time.
by MadiLush July 10, 2016
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