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Pop singer, Evelyn Aceres is known for her hard work in her career. Evelyn and Angelica are the downfall in society. 2010, the year their debut full-length is scheduled to come out, will probably bring. the Apocalypse Wait a second. That can’t be true. Catchy, fun electro-pop songs made by cute, foul-mouthed girls who are both 21 and under can’t possibly be the thing that ends the world, can it? Truth is, their songs aren't gonna ruin anything… except maybe the credibility of some Internet haters when it turns out they like Millionaires. Evelyn has been working on a few things of her own. Tattoo artist, skateboarding and a clothing line. EVelyn is always harrassed by haters, she gets it Because that’s another thing: Millionaires are aware that a lot people have a lot of nasty things to say about them and their music. And you know what? They don’t give a shit.
Evelyn Marie Aceres BO$$ BITCH DGAF
by Millionaires May 28, 2012
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