A beautiful girl who can sing amazingly!!! And she has so many talents. She has beautiful hair and can be sassy when she wants. She has the greatest sense of humor and she will rock your world. She knows right from wrong. She is willing to take any risk for her friends because she loves them. She doesn’t accept boys unless they are only friends. Once you meet Evea don’t let her go. She is kind, sweet, and knows what is best for you. She is very smart and loves to draw, sing, dance, and do gymnastics. She has so many talents. If you don’t know evea you should meet her. Ilysm evea!!!
girl 1- have you met evea?
girl 2- no.
girl 1- OMG you should!!!!!!!!
girl 2- okay.

*girl 2 meets evea*

Girl 2- AHHH she is the best girl ever!!!!
girl 1- RIGHT!!!!
by MollyLovesStrangerThings April 29, 2018
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