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A Handsome Young Man On The Road To Success . All The Women seem to Want to be with him and All The Guys seem to want to be him ! he is a real hero in the eyes of some ! and is said to be some kind of Sex God in the sack ! A Good Number of Woman , sheep , holes , and Even a Mexican could pay tribute to this statement . He is Blessed with a voice I predict will go on to silence stadiums of people! Evan Luce Invented footwear right after he discovered Time Travel in the year 2036 . He has always liked the woods and Long long walks on the beach ! If you ever see or come close Evan Luce ! arouse him as quick as you can , you might not ever get this opportunity again ! if hes alone , tackle him down and rape him if you need to ! he wont struggle long before giving in flipping you over and taking control of the situation ! dont ever forget to tell your friends after . in some religions it is believed that Sexual intercourse with Evan Luce will make all your sins Be Forgiven ! ,.
Who is that sexy singer up on stage ???
"thats Evan Luce!" `
immediately after this comment Evan would line the girls up on stage, bend them over and cleanse them of their sins one by one because he truly lives to do gods will .. . . .
by Eagle-Spread-Angel ;) October 05, 2011
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