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(1) Exceedingly beyond believable;

(2)Transcending value which is self-evident;

(3) Aetherically ethic;

(4) Steeped in silence, imparted through being;

(5) Loved by children, demonstrably so;

(6) Capable to a fine degree.
The word is liquid and not of a consonant value applying to a wide range of definitions which are linked to their cause and must be applied according to context.

(1) "Her performance was so Evable."

(2) "Her mere presence is beyond words, she's Evable."

(3) Difficult to define or anchor, so must be expressed through actions as in, "Her Swanlike Serenity and Leonine Grace are Evable."

(4)"Upon meeting her, she never said a word to him, leaving him Evable."

(5) "When Julia, Couperi and Madoc were asked if they'd like to give her a hug, they responded in Evable fashion."

(6) "'Who are you thinking of for the difficult part?' 'Someone that's Evable.'"
by Alphard Omega April 20, 2015
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