Fascinated by anything American, especially Ca-lee-for-ni-ya & Hah-lee-woood. "You know then Paris Hilton, ya? She is Super Cool!" Girls with bleached hair often shop via Fredrick's of Hollywood & Victoria's Secret catalogues, or on Hollywood Blvd, buying & wearing outfits inappropriate for their age. They are totally out of touch with anything contemporary in the US. The men are clad from head to toe in Affliction t-shirts, Rock & Republic jeans (as gaudy as they come) and any over the top shoes or boots and jewelry(!)-LOL. And scruffy haircuts. Proof that money does not equal taste. Overheard at 4 in the afternoon wondering where is the diskotek, ya? Even at age 40, check out the music in their car - nothing but Lady Gaga & Eurodisco. Not Ibiza disco, trashy disco. They're so clueless and yet they're so damn happy! Until you want to get away from them.
"Hey, last week your ex-boyfriend showed up at work with this total Euroskank. She was nasty! What's up with that?"

"Oh that's the dogmeat he cheated on me with. He thought she was perfect (blonde, 10 yrs younger, big tits shoved into tight clothes)." Then he actually listened to what she had to say & he got the hell out. Now she's stalking him! Oh crazy Euroskank!
by SableX July 27, 2011
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