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American slang term of derision for Europeans. It means European lunatic. What most Europeans are, these days. They are all communist scumbags; whether they realize it or not. (Even the Polish have communist tendencies in them.) Take Spain for example. Their women are very feminazi. Especially the Basques. Also the Belgian women. French women are still girly-girl but you will find a lot of feminism there, also. Euroloon's are the ones who are to blame for the Western worlds' problems; but for some odd reason they have the nerve to blame everything on us Americans. We don't owe you Europeans a damn thing. Clean up your own mess.

And just so you people know, I am from the South and even respect Russia and even Serbia more than a country like Poland. Fuck Europe. (or the "EU")

American whites aren't clueless, you fucking Europeans are clueless. I actually know Americans that do know more than one language. (Usually, it's Spanish with something else. Spanish with French or Spanish with German. Some Americans can learn these languages fluently; in college. But alas, you Europeans are clueless and don't know how the country works at all. In fact, the Amish people of Pennsylvania can speak German and even speak their own dialect. And they are totally cut-off and isolated from the rest of American society. I bet most Europeans don't even know what an Amish person or even a "Cajun" or an "Isleño" is.)
Euroloon's are very arrogant people and usually think American's are. They know nothing about politics and forget that most of society's political problems and issues (and even wars) originated in Europe, not USA. Since when have we Americans been the source of you peoples problems? wtf. America - That was an idea that we Americans went out and did ourselves; because we were tired of you Europeans' retarded bullcrap. And it seems you people still haven't learned. American culture is also NOT Hollywood. Europeans only see the Hollywood version of America and not the real one. The South and the Midwest (or the Heartland) are very good states to live and grow up in. And no, we don't all eat at McDonald's and are fat. I know some people who've never eaten fast food in their life. So shut up and enjoy your posh civilized comfortable lives; while looking down on us. Because noone wants to hear it anymore.)

(BTW Europeans; Just because you met some douches from California or New York doesn't mean that all Americans are the same, you European hypocrites. Most of these aren't even real Americans and are first or second generation or such. People who immigrated. I have French and Spanish colonist ancestors dating back to 14 generations. In my definition; only Native Amerindians and white people with English, French and Spanish (England, France and Spain) colonist ancestry; are the real Americans. Everyone else is a recent immigrant and had nothing to do with the revolution, btw.)
by Island of Numenor January 19, 2018
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