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The condition in which a she-male develops the characteristics of an overweight Russian homosexual. In later stages usually after its female genitalia becomes a large F.U.P.A. Aka, Flacid Ugly Penis Abomination, they tend to make fair amounts of money through preforming felatio on old wealthy butt sluts from San Diego and shady business deals manifest....Only after they have swallowed exorbitant amounts of their new business partners cum (gay old wealthy butt slut). They are famous for taking a hostage, oddly a very beautiful woman who is brainwashed by their apparent wealth. Amazingly at this stage Eugene Labunsky develops a taste for sleeping with other much uglier women that are usually comparatively stupid, all the while cheating on their brainwashed girlfriend(hostage). Furthermore the hostage is followed by other descendants of the Labunsky gene/family to keep tabs on her, thus perpetuating an abnormal paranoia that makes the hostage fearful and overtly paranoid. The only way the Eugene Labunsky condition can be put into remission is by the process of freeing the hostage, this forces the infected to revert to its true self. The last stage involves no more hostage and Eugene cannot help but continue on sleeping with ugly wildabeasts in greater numbers and sooner or later it will go bankrupt because ultimately anyone infected with Eugene Labunsky is a low life piece of shit who is self absorbed and doesn't deserve to even fuck a garbage disposal, let alone anything.
Hey what is that smell?

It's smells like preferred stock cologne and semen from a weak old man from San Diego!

Oh shit that's the calling card smell of Eugene Labunsky!!

Fuck! Call immigration control and get him shipped back to the armpit of the world, Russia!
by E.Labunskyisafag August 11, 2018
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