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An Ethania is a boy or girl who is very nerdy. They dress

very old peopleish or Star Trek and are most likely quite

skinny or fat. They have funny looking faces and love to

study. They're usually seen with an oversized backpack

with Star Wars all over it and are most likely to wear the

same shirts from JC Penneys and think they're cool

because it has skulls on it wtf AND IT'S A BUTTON DOWN

WITH A COLLAR. Very boring, they talk with funny voices

and always like to quote Star Wars. They spend their free

time playing with legos and watching the Science and

History channel. They usually hang out in groups of 3 or

are alone.The name Ethania orriginated from the name

Ethan but, was changed to Spanish girl form. Ethan is the

leader of thee Ethanias. The way you pronounce it is Eh-

Guy 1:Dude did you see that kid quoting Star Wars with a skull shirt

Guy2: Yeah, man

Guy1:He's such an Ethania!
by Ethaniasrule January 19, 2010
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