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To start with I just wanna say that this ethan is the best friend you could ever ask for. He is just straight up funny as crap and is just an amazing kid. He is an amazing person and is just overall a great person to be around. He is calm and stupid all at the same time, one moment he could be sitting down playing video games and the next rolling down the stairs in a bean bag chair. This kid is just an awesome person to be around and just a great friend.
If you have a ethan as a best friend, friend, boyfriend, or brother. You better keep him out of trouble and keep him close to you for he is one in a million.
Ethan B is an amazing person to be around and best friend to many
by Jimmy3207 August 26, 2019
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A kid who has perfect hair and has friends in high places. He has insane abs and has killer biceps and is a great football and baseball player. He is overall a good person.
Who is that

Ethan B

He is awesome

I know
by Snoopcat$$$ July 05, 2017
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