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A Game where people love to cyber and be Banned.

A game where people can go play for a few seconds as they are banned for having a retarded name.

It is run by Chance Adamson who is a retard and like to hire females for admins. He is a pervert and a dick to Americans. The fan base of the game hates Americans and should be put into a fiery pit in hell.
Did you hear about Eternia Prologue? I GOT BANNED
by Bobthebuilder2936523967392 October 06, 2013
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Eternia Prologue

Eternia Prologue

A game on BYOND that revolves around getting banned. Every player creates a character, builds up their stats and storyline, then gets banned permanently from the game.

A ripped game run by Chance Adamson, founder of the Ban Games franchise.
Ban Games. Where you might as well not play, because you're sure to be banned.

Eternia Prologue is a great game for people who like being banned, staying banned, and watching the same happen to all their friends!
by Musemasterâ„¢ December 08, 2012
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