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"One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives."

The eldest of the Devereaux sisters, she is a midwife (she’s one of the ones who delivers Ash’s baby). She loves her sisters dearly and is closest to Selena.
The Devereaux sisters are (listed in their birth order):
Esmeralda (Essie)
Yasmina (Mina)
Petra (Pet)
Ekaterina (Trina)
Tiyana (Tia)
Selena (Lanie)
Tabitha (Tabby)

A Character from the Dark Hunters Series from Sherrilynn Kenyon.
Esmeralda Devereaux better known as Essie, my witch queen who leaves the trailing scent of patchouli and a wolves wet dreams....
by Mangy Mike October 28, 2012
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