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A sexual act performed in the snow where the male ejaculates into the snow and proceeds to form a snowball with the area of snow containing his ejaculate. The male partner then throws the snowball in the other partners face. The same name can be applied when feeding the snowball to the partner. If formed correctly, the snowball will have a hard outer shell with a gooey wet/warm center. The phrase is common among winter resort-goers and snow bunnies who love outdoor sex. The name is derived from not only the rhyme and catchy name, but mainly because Eskimos typically are portrayed as snow dwellers.
Betty and I got it on outside the winter cabin and I gave her an Eskimo Joe to the face after I came.
by jMunny November 29, 2010
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Eskimo Joe are a three piece rock band hailing from the town of Fremantle in western Australia. They currently have 3 albums out, all of which have sold tremendously well in their home country, but are yet to make any impact in other country's. They manage to gain a unique sound by combining a variety of sub-genres into their songs.
Semmens: "I like to chill out by listening to Eskimo Joe and smoking some ganja after a day in the library!"
by L! August 08, 2007
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A altenative rock band from Australia. They kick some major ass, and everyone needs to buy one of their skeleton-print t-shirts they wear in the video for 'Sarah'.

They have three albums out, most recent is 'Black Fingernails, Red Wine'.
Loser: Who the fuck are these emo punks?
Non-Mentally Challenged Individual: Are you kidding? Eskimo Joe are the shit. They do the alternative rock/power pop/goth pop awesomely.
by chicken_head101 October 05, 2006
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