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All sorts of wild alaskan berries all mixed up together with sugar and shortening.
Blueberries,salmon berries, black berries, cranberries && other yummy berries. YUM! aslo known as AQUTUK (uh-goo-tuk) or Nevagii (nev-uh-gee) in Yu'pik or Athebascan.
Shelly-"The eskimo icecream is so yummy."

Guyuk-"Yeah especially when he makes it!"
by SammyJO13 June 11, 2008
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a dessert alaskan eskimos devour in seconds.
made from lard you can also substitute crisco, or animal fats
and berrys mostly the blue kind
mixed together to even make strong stomaches quiver
eskimo says 'want some eskimo ice cream, i made it fresh from todays berrys and yesterdays dead whale'

me 'hell no'
by chindra August 10, 2008
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