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Begin running the moment you suspect there is a problem. Pick a direction and stick with it. There is no use trying to figure out which way to run away from the shooter, since they will most likely be well-hidden. Just choose the shortest route to safety.

Run in a zigzag pattern. It is difficult to hit a moving target. However, it is much more difficult to line a person up in gun sight, if he is moving in erratic motions. This will help you avoid being zeroed in on by a sniper.

Keep moving. Never stop moving while trying to escape a sniper. A person who is standing still, even for a brief second, is an ideal target for a sniper. No matter how you move, don’t stop, and keep your movements erratic and unpredictable. This will help you stay safe.

Move indoors as quickly as possible. Your best bet will be to run in a zigzag pattern toward the nearest building. If you are outdoors, it will be impossible for a sniper to hit you if you are indoors and away from windows.

Find something to hide under if there are no nearby buildings to take shelter in. Sliding under a parked car or truck is a good idea, because snipers tend to be located up high. This will prevent the shooter from having a good angle.
Escape a sniper, you are the example.
by personalchaos October 14, 2010
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