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A individual on this planet that, has lesser than normal intelligence. Thinks that having muscles makes you more than what you actually are. Able to mimic intelligent people long enough to pass an exam, but when confronted with a life altering decison always makes the wrong choice. Unable to cook anything other than eggs and cereal. A person who thinks they know everything but is wrong 95 percent of the time all the time.

1. Massive Baby Back Bitch

2. Retard

3. Douchbag

4. Homo

5. Guy that walks around the gym correcting your form.

6. Worst gamer ethics ever in Magic The Gathering.
1. All he does is act like a "Erik Jensen" all day, everyday.

2. I told him to wear a helmet otherwise he could wreck and turn into a "Erik Jensen".

3. After we got done fucking I told her to go use a "Erik Jensen" to clean her self up.

4. I accidently walked into a gay bar and it was full of "Erik Jensens".

5. Good thing that a "Erik Jensen" was here...3 years in the gym and I didnt know what i was doing this whole time.

6. Borrows your computer so can play as 2 people in a Magic tournament to win....called "PULLING A ERIK JENSEN"
by DirtyDelta#D-BLOCK February 07, 2013
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