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An adjective, used to describe someone or something that is characteristically eccentric, origional, dramatic, deviantic, and proud of it.

Someone who is ericortizitrociric is most likely wildly conceded. This person knows how to have a good time, although this person's idea of fun is ericortizitrociric.

The palindromic properties of the word suggest that an ericortizitrocire is full of mystery.

An ericortizitrocire is typically a tiger in the bedroom.

This person may also have psychological attachments to coined words or phrases such as but not limited to "poop", "nigga", and "orto."

A person who is ericortizitrocire also has many, seemingly random, talents. These range from juggling and internet games, to running and boyscouting, to fast clapping and playing warhammer 4000.

An ericortizitrocire loves cats and hates fat people. He also dates the best girls in school. He is obsessed with and worships swedish girls.
That boy running the cross country meet in a tangerine speedo is quite ericortizitrocire.

Did you hear about those ericortizitrociric boys who went camping under the highway in the freezing weather, just for fun and bragging rights?
by Livy Svenska January 14, 2011
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