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Definition of Eric Irizarry- pronounced "EWIC IWIZAWWY" person, noun, or verb
He has had approximately 35 unaccredited non speaking roles and appearances in All kinds of walk roles and minor character fill-in parts in independent films and a few "extra" roles in major motion pictures.
He has loyal Fans. Called "EWICAS"
he is just randomly amazing at Everything for NO REASON AT ALL. Like any sport + ping pong and throwing stuff.
Also he has this smile that tells every emotion he could possibly be feeling at the moment: happy, hungry, tired, bored, embarrassed, judgmental, angry, It’s all the same exact smile.
That is why the Eric's angry smile is the scariest because you never know if it’s legit anger or not.
No matter what happens the Eric always presumes everything to be "all good".
he has a verb named after him that is called, “pulling an Eric”.When you do somethin nice for someone out of the goodness of your heart
Erics also have this weird habit of only going on facebook when there is a room full of people behind him just to be anti-social on a social network.
Erics are also very polite when it comes to kicking out his friends, he uses *Rule # Eric: “I think you should go”. Eric can kick you out of his room, study areas, bathrooms, hallways, and yes even your own room.
Usually if you cannot explain why Eric can do something that normal people cannot it’s just because he’s Eric, don’t question it.
Guy 1: "Who was that guy that was an athletic extra in that awesome indie movie i saw that no-one else did?"

Guy 2: "oH! I googled it, His name is Eric Irizarry"
by Loyal EWICA January 14, 2011
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