The most bad-ass sadist with a big heart to grace our television screens with "Supernatural" since Chris Carter with "The X-Files"...or quite possibly forever. Probably the most beloved master of horror in any fandom ever, Kripke pretty much doesn't know how to disappoint a fan--though he does get a kick out of angering them by throwing his boys, brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, a few love interests here and there. However, at the end of the day Kripke never forgets who the story is really about (are you paying attention, Chris Carter?), and always brings it back to the "Epic Love Story of Sam and Dean" (kudos to executive producer Sera Gamble for the title). He also has a way with words--hardly another series in the history of television has produced such a perfect balance of emotional scenes that hold everything back and comedic scenes that hold nothing back. What's more, despite his clear "made of awesome" qualities, his confessed habit of self-deprecation would probably prevent him from admitting any of this to himself--now isn't that just the most humbling thing you've ever heard?

Most importantly, he's a goddamn genius.
Guy 1: Dude, ("Random TV Show") is really bugging me. The creator is doing everything the fans don't want. It kind of sucks...
Guy 2: You should watch "Supernatural." I'm a huge fan. Eric Kripke loves us.
Guy 3: Eric Kripke is a sadistic bastard with a big heart.
Guy 4: Eric Kripke is a goddamn genius.
Guy 5: Eric Kripke is God.
Guy 6: Chuck Norris is afraid of Eric Kripke.
Guy 1: Wow, I wanna watch "Supernatural" too!
by PipppintheHardcore January 31, 2011
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