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A word that you say just to be random, like when you don't know what else to say. Or, you can also say it just for kicks!

it's a word with a lot of different definitions.

there is "Airfaa Doodle,"
Witch is very similar to "Erfaa Doodle,"
Although Airfaa Doodle is another word for
Fart: Airfa doodle

Okay: Erfaa Doodle.
Bob: We have a test in second period today.
Patrick: Aw, Erfa doodle!!!

Lizzy: Ew, I smell an airfa doodle!
Joe: Sorry, That was me!!!

Trevor: I just got new shoes.
Kelly: Erfaa Doodle.

by AshleyStump March 07, 2009
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