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One who has sexual attraction to farts, the act of farting and very commonly the smells resulting of which (the farting, the farter's ass, and so on). Highly unaccepted and hard to live with. Most people are closeted, which makes it even harder. Can stereotypically be heterosexual (guy liking girl's farts). It's also very common for male to male eproctophillia and any other person, and combination regardless of orientation or situation. Typically arises at a younger age, 6-9 years old. The very act of farting is a bit more "pleasing" than funny to us. By the way, to friends of eproctophiliacs: do us a favor, and make sure when you fart in our faces, you get your whole ass right up to our noses, and hold it there for a couple seconds. Eproctophiliacs usually like two things; their own farts and asses and other's farts, and asses (the smell and farts that come from the person's ass)
John the eproctophiliac smelled his friend's chair, after he got up after being very gassy, to use the bathroom.

Joe the eproctophiliac laughs after his friend farts, and asks him, in no strange way, to fart in his face, but his friend is uptight, and anal per se, and takes it seriously and calls his friend gay and disassociates with him. Meanwhile, Joe's friend probably isn't just an average person, he probably wants the same damn thing in a weirder way.

Bill the eproctophiliac is enjoying having a farting competition with his cousin
by Mr. Benjamin Barker November 03, 2012
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