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The epistemic status is a short disclaimer at the top of a post that explains how confident the author is in the contents of the post, how much reputation the author is willing to stake on it, what sorts of tests the thesis has passed.

It should give a reader a sense of how seriously they should take the post.
It had "Epistemic Status: Wild off-the-cuff speculation" so I didn't bother to read it. It seemed entertaining, just didn't have time.

He said "Epistemic Status: Would bet at 30:1 odds in favour of the thesis and I probably one of the top 100 theorists in the intersection of the relevant fields" but it still seemed completely insane to me. Heads better roll if/when it turns out to be wrong. Like, I mean it, he should lose all of his social capital. People should stop reading his blog and his eigenkarma should be reset (If he's somehow right though I will be very impressed)

"Epistemic Status: Fiction"
by 7154b22954f68d626c891921a6a5e0 January 13, 2019
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