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Story of anything epic that happens while sitting on the shitter.
Guy 1 "I had just been prescribed Norvir, a powerful antiviral drug. Having only taken azidothymidine prior, I made the mistake of taking Norvir and then going to the video store. As I stood in line, I felt a tummy rumble, the likes of which had never been felt in this particular colon ever before. Within moments, the urge became too much to resist, so I dashed to the bathroom at the bar next door, since the video store had no john. At the bar, my anus gushed forth a river of noxious shit the likes of which I had never encountered before. Smelling of paint, and with sticking power to match, the bowl filled up with a volume of shit I never dreamed any colon could hold. After the disaster, i went to wipe, and found a long string of mucous dangling from my ass, presumably the former mucosal lining of my colon. I tried to avoid getting it on my hand but so stringy was the mucous, it was unavoidable. After washing my hands, ass, and the toilet seat, I left the bar, and tipped the bartender $5. To this day, I feel badly that I didnt tip $10."
Guy 2 "Thats one epic toilet story bro"
by derkaderkastan101 December 29, 2010
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