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A well-known player in the on-line game of Regnum Online.
Not so much for his in-game skills, which can be larged summed up as meh, but more for his willingness to always help newer players.
Next to that he is the founder of clan Team Pwnie on the - now defunct- Regnum Online server Týr, and played a large role in creating and strengthening the gaming community on Týr.

The origins of the name are unknown, but seeing that Eolevan was c.q. is a dark elf on the Týr and Horus servers, a possible explanation is that the name is based on Tolkien's Eöl - who is a dark elf.

Others think the name is based on the term Æolian, meaning the power of the wind, in particular because Eolevan is said to live in a Nordic country, and the Æ is used in Nordic languages.

A third plausible explanation is that the name could actually be a compound of Eolenius - burnt in 1644 in Finland for being a warlock - and the Swedish word "levan", meaning alive. This theory seems particularly credible seeing that Eolevan is a mage on both the Horus and Týr servers, and the fact that Týr is the god of War in old Norse folklore.
Dude what do I do? I really don't understand how this game works....
- Let me see if Eolevan is available.

Can somebody help with completing this quest, I need to kill 12 brown bears but they are impossible for me/
- Did you already ask Eolevan, he's always willing to help.
by Hamster of Sorrow October 04, 2011
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