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When a flaccid male genitalia is caught and entangled by several surrounding pubic hair. Usually discovered when attempting to urinate. Men who experience this phenomena must be greatly cautious when untangling the wild pubes from their genitalia as they could risk a slight injury. The most common cause is when the penis has been resting or inactive for long periods of time in a high temperature climate without a cool draft to bring it out to full mass. This is more likely to occur if the man does not trim his bush, balls and derriere regularly.
Guy1: Ow! Shit!
Guy2: What's the matter? Pull a ball hair?
Guy1: No, even worse. I pinched my dick skin trying to untangle the pubic hair from my dick.
Guy2: You've probably got entangled dick hair, I suggest you trim your Pubes.
by sweatyballsacks2014 December 30, 2013
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