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Enegery (En-NEH-ger-ree):

1. Noun. Something containing one or more typos.

2. Noun. Unintelligable textspeak.

3. Noun. The act of creating enegery.
Example 1:

Serenity (typing): This mroning I toally fel down the porcj steps!
Seth (also typing): Excuse me? You expect me to understand that enegery?

Example 2:

Lulu (texting): Doodz u no i is trippin rite? omg tgif i luv it.
Daniel: ...what the heck is with this chick? I've no idea what that enegery was all about.

Example 3:

Terran (typing): Can you plese come over tomoro? 'scuse my enegery, I'm rly late.
Dylan: Sure thing bro, I'll bring beer.
by Lady Grammatica November 30, 2010
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