A person who is only attracted to members of the same family, clan, group, or community. The sexual counterpart to Endogamy and Endoromantic.
Unfortunately, this does mean incest...
The Greek Gods and many parts of early Greek culture were endosexual and endogamous.
by Vandium December 15, 2021
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Scientific term used to refer to one who is a fat fucker. The first part of the word, "Endo", stems from the term "endomorphic", which refers to the body type that gains weight easily and tends to have a higher bone density and fat-muscle ratio. The second part, "sexual", is self-explanatory.
"Goddamn, Andrew, you are such a fucking endosexual!"

"Hippopotami are generally endosexual, that is, they are fat fuckers."
by Prashant Prabakhar April 22, 2007
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