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Endermqn is the descendant of Enderkek (also known as EnderDaKoolGuy) he used be - never mind it doesn't like to talk about it! He once was an member of the ruling faction in the omega hunger games and was running for president but failed last minute because of a terrible event. The omega hunger games stopped and it was time for him to leave and join a greater hunger games called the Archon Hunger Games, he joined the faction Eternal and became the leader!

This is an example of how THE Endermqn speaks
Endermqn: Want a milk chocolate cadbury bar?
Enderkek: No, I'm eating hershys which is way better!
Endermqn: H e c c, I like M E M E S.
Who is the leader of the Eternal Faction? Endermqn
by OhBoiJimyy June 15, 2018
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