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Emotional ih-moh-shuh-nl; adj. from Latin emovere

Retard rtärd; n. from Latin retardāre

1. Used as a disparaging term for a mentally retarded person.
2. A person considered to be foolish or socially inept.
1. Person who asks his girlfriend to come to Vienna with him for a week-end, but when it turns out there is only one affordable ticket left gets it for himself and goes on his own.

2. Person who, when his girlfriend is being very generous and says she forgives him because she wants him to have a nice trip eventhough he ditched her, accuses her of being dramatic. (Girlfriend hopes he chokes on his cosy hot Vienna Chocolate, but keeps her calm because she is not an emotional retard.
by Karina Stuck-in-Belgrade February 16, 2012
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