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1. The condition afflicting an adult who persists in continuing behaviors more commonly observed in children.

2. A dwarf with a small mind and even smaller penis.

3. A board game created by Wrigley Spirits Incorporate. Object of the game is to stunt the other players growth in any way possible. Some representative actions you can take are feeding children cigarettes, giving pregnant mothers alcohol, cutting off people's legs and burning textbooks belonging to inner city schools.
1. Mary blamed her wetting the bed on her emotional and sexual dwarfism (ESD) that had been passed down to her from her parents who had died at the age of eighty.

2. George went to reach for Jerry's junk but grasped only thin air. As George stared into Jerry's cold, unrelenting blue eyes George realized that Jerry suffered from emotional and sexual dwarfism, and that Jerry wasn't about to apologize for having a dick so small even a hummingbird wouldn't be satisfied.

3. Tina wanted to play emotional and sexual dwarfism after dinner but Tim had urinated in her cake and she died from urea poisoning.
by Greendayrulez47 May 07, 2010
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