A term coined by lesbians to describe their attachment/ bond to their bias or favourite in a Kpop boy group. It is used to combat compuslory heterosexuality as well as the notion that we can’t be Kpop boy-group fans without being attracted to them.
Mark Lee is my emotional support kpop boy and I am his assigned lesbian
by junguwuu February 22, 2019
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once you become a kpop stan, you’re assigned a kpop boy to be your emotional support boy. said kpop boy is either your ideal mans or ideal best friend.
kpop stan1: “my emotional support kpop boy is bangchan from stray kids, what about you?”

kpop stan2: “yoongi from bts. i mean-? he’s so soft and squishy he’s always there. and he never leaves…”
by ㅠㅠ… June 26, 2021
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