e·mo·tion·al il·lit·er·a·cy
When a person gets so frustrated or upset with someone/thing that they allow their emotions to control the way they speak or type.

Symptoms: stuttering, improper grammar or excessive spelling errors

Not to be mistaken with Emotional Literacy - the concept proposed by the psychotherapist Claude Steiner in the 1970s that refers to the ability to understand emotions, listen to others and empathize with their emotional states, as well as express emotions in a productive way.
(Emotional Illiteracy)
*Two co-workers are discussing the behavior of a fellow co-worker*
Frodo:"I can't stand riding to work with Tony Stark, his road rage is so bad that I can't understand what he's yelling half of the time"
Shaq:"I understand what you mean, I find his emotional illiteracy to be quite amusing on some of the rides home"

(Emotionally Illiterate)
*Two strangers are arguing on an online post*
"How do you expect me to have an argument like an adult when you're so emotionally illiterate that I can't understand what you're saying?"
by FBK420 May 29, 2019
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