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Emosondandypantsland in itself is a horrible place that most smart, wise human beings do not dare stepfoot on. Just the smell of the place could give David Hasslehoff chills. The people who live in the small town just are odd looking. They have many different colors of hair, may have odd body parts peirced, and could possibly be on drugs. i lost the game. Emosondandypantsland is a place where no child should live. We spoke with a former resident about the town.

There's microphones in the toilets. I just saved money on my car insurance by switching to Geiko. I eat platypus urine.

That should be self explanitory. Emosondandypantsland is a place that should be feared by people and guinea pigs of all ages.

Random fun facts;
Town flag colors: Black & blue
Town bird: Dead pidgeon
Town flower: Dandians
Town motto: Pass it over here....
I went to Emosondandypantsland for one day and came back with 17 STDS.
by Phantompoopsack June 24, 2009
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