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An epic video on YouTube featuring a young girl with a sidebang explaining the aspects of emo kids and scene kids that are of great annoyance to her as well as to many others. Among her reasons for her contempt of emos and scene kids are their ways of "trying so hard to fit in", "giving new genres to their music" such as calling My Chemical Romance "punk" when they don't know what punk rock is, taking sideways photos that look ridiculous, and pretending to be gay or lesbian.

As of September 2009, the video has received over 500 video responses, one of the highest on YouTube, mostly from pissed off scene kids who can't handle legitimate criticism of their manufactured fashion styles and shitty emo music. The vast majority of these responses simply call the young lady in question "ugly" or "stupid" and do not address the content of her arguments.
The video known as Emo/Scene Kids SUCK is highly informative for anyone doing research on why emo sucks.
by ConservatismSucks September 21, 2009
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