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Emo Trinity is a joke about My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco because of their "emo style" in their earlier years.
- MCR - Holy Spirit (we can't see them, but they're always there for us)
- P!ATD - God (P!ATD still exists, despite there's only one member left)
- FOB - Jesus (they disbanded is 2009, but they resurrected later)
Seems like fans of Emo trinity bands are really crazy.
by lost.goose February 28, 2016
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Includes the three bands: My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco & Fall Out Boy. The bands and their fans are considered "emo".
Emo Trinity really makes the best music!
by memelicious January 10, 2016
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A group of bands consisting of Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance and Fall Ouy Boy. Each band represents a branch of "emo" or punk music. Panic! At The Disco represents electronic punk. Fall Out Boy represents punk rock. My Chemical Romance represents hardcore or metal punk. Most of the listeners of these three bands are girls but many are guys. Plenty of the girls are much more unique and creative than regular white girls.
Girl#1: Hey what are your favorite bands
Girl#2: I really like Fallout boy, Panic! And mcr
Girl#1:you like the emo trinity? Me too
by Animepancake November 23, 2014
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A parody of the Holy Trinity consisting of the musical groups Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance, and Fall Out Boy despite the fact that the musical groups are not truly emo.
Jenny: The emo trinity is not emo.
Sabrina: Oh my God, yes they are! Why else would they be considered emo?
Jenny: Okay, they're "mall emo".
by Johnny the Dude July 21, 2018
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