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Shares the traits of the original Emo description if not some, but has the promiscuous qualities of a Hoe.

A hybrid mix of emotional issues and wild sexual behavior.
The emo hoe kept complaining about how life sucked. But then the emotion issue gotten a bit intense, and she ended up giving away the goods.

Trying to cope with the issues endured, the only other way to relieve stress was sexual remedies. But that was just a temporary fix, for she was right back in that emo state once again.

This could be the most troublesome individual. For both the emo and hoe have inner issues quite similar.
by Black Riz August 01, 2008
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a young emo woman putting her make up in front of a long mirror in a hotel room in Austin, Texas. Deep black eye-liner, white pale make up, skinny jeans and emo stripe sweater.
Pumpkin lady "emo hoe"

Tall Emo Hoe " I AM NOT EMO"

Chubby littel cartoon character " So your a hoe?"

Blad Army Soldier " hahahaha the emo hoe"

Venasaurus " EMO HOE"
Tall Emo Hoe " Im not an EMO HOE"
by BOO 1245 October 21, 2011
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