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An Emily Ngo is an asian. she loves to hang out with her friends, and she’s really artistic. she can be a giant crackhead at one point but that doesn’t change her emotions. she keeps her secrets to herself unless she trusts you really well, she likes being aggressive and really funny. if you piss her off you’ll be dead in a minute.
person 1: is that an Emily Ngo.
person 2: yeah! she’s really aggressive.
by rayrayyy11 February 25, 2020
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Adjective for something that definitely wasn't lame, but not quite "hot". In other words, slightly below being hot, therefore warm, like a nice pair of mittens.
"How were things at the club last night?"

"Plenty to drink, but the music was no good. I guess shit was mittens."
by 122445 May 14, 2006
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she’s probably really smart and funny. most likely depressed, but she tries to hide it by listening to harry styles and lewis sth. out of your friend group, she’s probably the only one going to college. she has the fattest crush on maia scartozzi
boy 1: “yo i like this girl called emily ngo”

boy 2: “nah bro she’s off limits. she likes maia
by ur basic brown girl February 29, 2020
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