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The best person in the universe!! She will love certain people and if your one of those people take it for advantage!! She normally has BIG brown or blue eyes you can get lost in(easily)!! wether yur happy or sad; she will lighten yur day! Make sure she knows yu love her; if she doesnt and yu try to get too close; watch yur jewels! She is beautiful smart and verry fuuny!! She will make yu laugh so hard! Watching her play sports or just hang out will make yur heart melt! If yu get the chance to have and Emily Mae be yur girlfrend; hold on to her tight and never ever ever ever ever ever ever let her go!! If yu do; yu just lost the best thing tat has ever happened to yu in yur whole life!!!
Guy 1: Emily Mae just told me she would go out with me!!! :)

Guy2: She's my ex; didnt wanna brake up wit her but had to bcuzz my dumm friends..brake her heart; i'll brake yur face!!! >:( she is my one and only

Guy 2: im not stupid she is my one and only thing right now; she is and will always be MY EMILY MAE!!
by emluvernotyurluver October 13, 2011
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The biggest hoe you'll ever meet who has an Arby's roast beef sandwhich between her legs.
I had sex with Emily Mae last night.

Dude thats nothing to be proud of, you probably caught something.
by Kobe Vince Preston n Jeff March 02, 2017
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