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A very beautiful girl, with brains and a loverly smile.Charming and flirty. Always happy , always confused. No future plans , never knows what she wants.Tends to like guys who hurt her, are mean to her or barely know she exsists.

WARNING!: Emily. Hurst's tend to be heartless , cold and don't give a duck weather or not they hurt you .. DO NOT EVER fall in love with one, if you do , I'm so sorry , you are dead to the world .. Don't hold on to her , she's not going to care if you do or not

OTHER WARNING: the warning above does not count if you are called ben , tom , ted , tony , kyran .. Or sometimes james.
Boy 1 : '' I go out with Emily hurst, I think I love her!''
Boy 2: '' I thougt I go out with Emily hurst?''
Boy1 : '' we made out last night! I go out with her!''
Boy2 :''Me too , she's such a bitch!''

''L.O.V.E Is just another word I never learnt how to say''
''You're such an Emily hurst!!!''
by ANDYSIXXISSEXY December 05, 2011
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